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About Us

Dr. Krassner ND, LLC has joined Integrative Health Center of Maine in Cumberland Foreside!

Her address is 15 Sky View Drive, Cumberland Foreside, ME 04110, and her phone number remains 207-883-5517.
Her email address is the same as well. Anne-Marie O'Rourke, in addition to continuing as Dr. Krassner's office manager, is now a Reiki practitioner! She is offering her services at Integrative Health Center of Maine. Please call the office for more information.

Visit the Integrative Health Center of Maine website!

We believe wholeheartedly that our patients and community can benefit from integrative healthcare and the bridging of quality complementary and conventional medicine combined within one center.

Dr Krassner welcomes the opportunity to work with other healthcare providers and as a part of an extended community team. Maine Whole Health also provides education for patients and the community in the areas of holistic health and complementary care. Dr. Krassner is available for speaking engagements, demonstrations and lectures by appointment.

Mission Statement

We are devoted to honoring, empowering and respecting one another and our patients.  We are committed to providing a full spectrum of helping modalities that recognizes the mind-body-spirit connection and the body's inherent ability to heal itself. Our intention is to bridge the knowledge of ancient healing wisdom and conventional modern medicine to achieve optimum health.  Our passion is to facilitate the healing process in ourselves, our patients and our planet.

Integrative Healthcare

Integrative Healthcare is the process of melding healing methods; conventional and complementary therapies, selected uniquely for and by the individual, using a body-mind-spirit approach. Emphasis is placed on the responsibility of an individual to achieve his or her highest state of wellness and vitality.

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