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Healthy Aging

Anti-Aging Medicine is also called Longevity Medicine or Healthful Aging.

Forget growing old gracefully. The average human life-span should be 120 years. But who wants to live that long without the quality of life that is free of degenerative and debilitating diseases of aging? Up until recently, our seniority has been mostly attributable to improved public health and modern medicine. Now you can do a lot more to prolong a healthful youth-span.

Modern science has demonstrated that proactive intervention can dramatically slow the brain and body degeneration that normally occurs with age. The program of healthful aging is comprehensive and specifically designed to meet your individual needs. 

Dr. Krassner presents an individualized treatment plan employing a variety of natural therapeutics.

The initial evaluation may include comprehensive testing. The program involves following specific dietary recommendations and taking various supplements of naturally occurring compounds and synthetic pharmaceuticals.  Balancing your body's hormones and immune system function are also important. You will receive training in the regular use of brain and body exercises and some mind-over-body stress reduction techniques.

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